Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blood, sweat, tears and pure joy

Bloody hands from 100 pull-ups. Bloody knees from hitting the aggregate during walking lunges. Bloody shins from deadlifts. Bloody knuckles from sandbag cleans. Knowing, without a doubt, that the pain is worth it.

Pouring from every part of your body. Wiping it from your eyes, pushing wet hair from your face. Damp clothing sticking to your skin. Looking forward to being drenched from an impossible wod. A deep sense of accomplishment.

Crying during the last mile of Murph from exhaustion. Crying because of a terrible morning at home and getting to let it out. Grateful tears for the positives changes being made in your life. Getting an emotional release in a supportive environment and being accepted under any circumstances.

Pure joy.
Having a coach push you to your potential. Reaching beyond what you thought was physically possible. Having someone to tape your hands or bandage your cuts – pick you up if you fall. Hold your hand if you need it. Laughter among friends – the kind that doubles you over. Knowing that someone is always cheering for your success. Finding a feeling of family apart from your own. Indescribable camaraderie. Learning what you’re truly made of – and being proud of who you are. Unforgettable moments shared in a garage.

All these things can be found at our small box that we call CrossFit Lake Tapps. All these things you won’t find at your local gym.

Am I exaggerating? Being melodramatic? Not one bit.


  1. Blood, Sweat, Tears and Joy... just about sums it all up.
    Thank goodness I don't rip off my skin very much anymore...except for the other day when I skinned my knuckle on those damn sandbag cleans.
    I always have tears of joy when I am done with a WOD! It never seems to get easier. Guess that means I am pushing it as hard as I can.

  2. your posts are great Lori~genuine!

    Now, I need a therapy session on finding the fire in the belly seems to be missing from me!

  3. i could do without the blood:) I AM THE SWEAT MASTER. I WILL OUTSWEAT YOU ALL. MY SWEAT WILL PWN YOUR SWEAT! UNDEFEATED BUCKETS OF SWEAT!and i believe i have cried more than once DURRING a wod. usually involving the use of 400m repeats and burpees as a satanic soul crushing torture devise. ive never done drugs but im fairly certain getting high couldnt feel as good as CRUSHING a PR :)


  5. I love you girl. Seriously. You and Cari both. I've cried more than once after a good WOD with you two. I thank the Universe so much for bringing me to you and the CFLT family!