Saturday, January 30, 2010

Even my lip gloss is tough

Yes, I wear lip gloss to the garage. Mascara too. I do my hair and take time to decide on what I feel like wearing. I have several pairs of what I call “workout earrings.” I also shave my legs daily and put on self tanner in the winter even though I never wear shorts. Oh, I think I just heard a few of you gasp! But I’m also covered in bruises, have seriously calloused hands and scars on my fanny from Tabata sit-ups.

Does putting on make up before a workout give me the label “high maintenance?” Maybe. I do believe it means that my appearance is important to me. But I don’t think it indicates that I have “insecurities” to “cover up.” I only wish that applying cosmetics could remove any insecurity a woman has!

Over the years during my time spent in gyms, I’ve heard all of the comments that some women make about girls like me. “I can’t believe she bothers putting on make-up to work out!” My gut reaction to that statement is “Why do you care?”

I’ve also heard the ever-popular, “I don’t have time to get ready before I go to the gym. Must be nice.” Well, I am calling BS on that one. It’s all about setting priorities. I have 2 little girls to get off to school and places to be in the morning as well. I choose to make the time. We all have time to do the things we want to do. Just be honest and say that you don’t care – or that is isn’t important to you, which is fine with me. I applaud your choice. So, please don’t criticize mine.

Girly-girls are just as tough as anyone else. Do not doubt that for an instant. I would also warn you to not make assumptions about her athletic ability based on her appearance. That girl standing in the corner with the perfect lip gloss just might kick your ass in today’s WOD. And watch out, there are a lot of us hard working girly-girls darkening the doors of CrossFit boxes everywhere.

Do not assume that I care less about my workout because I care about how I look when I walk in the door. I’ve never had a poor WOD time because I was having a good hair day. And my lip gloss never slows me down. I can assure you that. At the same time, I would never suggest that my make-up free counter parts are not ass-kickers as well.

So why do I bother? When I look good, I feel good. And when I feel good, I perform well. But the simplest answer is. . . It’s who I am.


  1. I completely agree. Never fault someone because of their appearance. If they wear make-up or not makes no difference in their performance.
    I personally like to take a few extra moments in the morning to get myself put together. It does make me feel better and besides I would hate to scare anyone away with my "natural" self.
    I also give it my all when tackling a WOD and just like Lori said it doesn't make a bit of difference if I put hairspray in my hair or make-up on my face. My hands bleed, my skin tears, I have bruises everywhere and I sweat just the same as anyone else.
    So lets all support each other and keep kicking ass because that is what us Crossfit chicks do!

  2. Amen Sister :)
    You'd never catch me in a gym without my lipgloss either(or running a race as I am in that pic.. got the lipstick on of course)! Nothing wrong with sweating like a pig with sparkly lips! I love being a girly girl...always have, always will - its part of who I am...

  3. wear whatever you want look however you want smell nevermind that last one. i cant comprehend commenting on a ladys choice of makeup or hairstyle. why the heck would anyone care? there is only one thing i take note of in the gym and thats performance. no i dont mean fran time or max effort lift numbers. i mean how hard people are working in relation to their capabilities and what kind of attitude they display. thats all. who cares what someone else is wearing or whatever?! thats just silly.

  4. Elijah, I think we should all talk about your excessive use of lip gloss. It is starting to get on all the equipment, making it a little too sticky. Summer Lilly is not a great color for you either, think Passion Fruit!

  5. By the way, you can all find Lori's new CrossFit Lake Tapps T-Shirt design on Search CrossFit Lake Tapps. It has the "Even my lip gloss is tough" slogan. Very cool!

  6. hahahahaha but my lips get chapped i need it!

  7. I think you look very pretty with your lipgloss Eli! Don't stop wearing it because then who would I borrow it from?