Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fly by the seat of your panties. . . or not

My daughter came home from school one day -- walked in the door and said, “Mom, I think I am wearing your underwear.” She then proceeded to pull up her shirt to reveal what appeared to be several yards of white cotton spilling out of the top of her jeans. Let me just say, that these we’re not my sexy undies. These were sleeping undies, and every woman understands the difference. Anyway. . . I say to her, “Didn’t those feel funny when you put them on this morning?” She said, “Well, they did, but I didn’t feel like changing, so I just wore them anyway.” My daughter is a fine example of someone who flies by the seat of her pants -- or more specifically, her Mother’s panties.

Decisions, decisions. How do you make yours? How we answer this question, and what it says about who we are, sets us apart as individuals.

Some people are driven by logic. It this type of analytical process that guides them. They look at a situation and determine the pros and cons. They think about what comes next, and the effects of their choices. They lead with their head. Some people are driven by emotion. They do what “feels” right -- right now. They live in the moment. They throw caution to the wind, and decide to deal with the possible fallout some other time. They lead with their heart.

Very simply, “thinking” is logical and “feeling” is emotional. Are you a thinker or a feeler? Maybe we’re all a little of both. I do believe, however, that we lean more one direction than the other in most circumstances. Is either better or worse? I guess it depends. I do think that perhaps, the logical person might miss out on experiences because they over-analyze everything. But along the same lines, the emotional person might have regrets based on snap decisions that felt right at the time. Potential positives and negatives to both.

When you look at your life, what has dictated your decision making -- emotion or logic? If you know me, you already know how I answered.


  1. I would have to say that I lean more towards the logical side of things. I like to have a plan.
    With that being said my emotions do have a mind of their own and have taken over a time or two!!

  2. I'm still trying to get over that Sophie wore your undies to school - she is so dang funny (& yes I wrote dang - because if you know me... I'm the opposite of my trucker mouth friend :) Hee hee...

    Would have to say I'm a logical thinker...most of the time... but the hormones tend to have their way with me every now & then - & watch out when that happens - watch out!!!

    Lovin' your blog friend!!!

  3. having a logical plan may be the hardest thing for me to try to ever do ever. i am the most random scaterbrained spontanious person imaginable and i REALLY wish i had the discipline and focus to be better about plans and logic and goals. well..... durring the weekdays at least...

  4. I'd say I'm a logical thinker. I tend to over analyze things. But, sometimes I can over think so much that I get emotional! I'm trying to "feel" more and be in the moment, but it's a challenge for me.

  5. That is hilarious about Sophia! Based on comments I am in good company being a logical decision maker. I'll come to you for help with the emotional side of things!