Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chasing Cari. . .

Although I have several of what I consider to be “weaknesses” relating to my fitness, running is number one on my list. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. Maybe I was born with little lungs? Maybe my feet are extra heavy? I don’t know, but it continues to be something that I struggle with.

I have feelings of dread whenever I see running as a part of a WOD. I would rather do almost anything than run. And from a CrossFit standpoint, when talking about the functional aspects of our training and how it relates to everyday life – well, I still can’t see that running any sort of distance, beyond a sprint, is necessary.

I have argued this theory several times. If a bad guy is chasing me, I’m not fast enough to stay ahead for very long – maybe 200 meters, tops. So even if my endurance could outlast him, my slow legs will be the determining factor for him actually catching me. So what is the point? And I’m only partially kidding. Part of me, really believes this to be true. The other part, however, knows the fitness benefits of running.

So why do I continue to try and get better at it, when I most definitely do not like it? Well, mostly because I can’t stand “something” beating me. I can’t stand that I am not good at it. And I sincerely want to get better. So here’s been my plan. . .

I decided to get a couple of 5K races on my to-do list. The first one, I had never ran anything over 2 miles. My time was 35 minutes. Awful. Awful. Awful. I told myself I didn’t care about my time and that “finishing” was what mattered. I lied. I wanted to do better. So, I signed up for another.

Did I prepare? No. But I did manage to beat my time by a considerable amount. Second 5K. . . 28:23. Wow! I was so excited, I signed up for another. What does this tell me? I am chasing being “better.” And that’s the mind of a true CrossFitter! Chasing getting better, chasing a better time, working on my weaknesses.

Today, Cari and I hit the Orting Trail for a short 2 mile run to work on “my weakness.” We decided to chat and listen to birds and forgo ipods this time. As it turns out, my heavy breathing nearly drowns out nature, and apparently Cari and I have told so many stories, we may be "running out. " Back to music next time!

Live and learn. Or “run” and learn as it was today. Either way, I will make a new play list, throw on my shoes, and chase Cari’s red pony-tail, down some road, dreading each step, self-talking my way to the end, another day, towards my goal, until. . .

I reach another finish line.

(thanks friend)


  1. I am so proud of you friend for conquering one of your weaknesses.
    I will never forget the first time I got you to run. It was at Prime Fitness and I had to beg you to do two laps around the parking lot. Look at you now...two 5k's under your belt and one coming up soon. Now I need to work on getting you to run a 10K :) Never say never!

  2. Love it :) Way to keep on truckin' ! Most people quit before ever really reaching their true potential... because, well - its HARD! Its that inner voice that talks to us when we start to feel uncomfortable, especially when we're pushing our bodies to the limit...It keeps saying "Stop! Just quit now! Its not worth it!" I struggle with that every day... but I'm trying to reprogram that sneaky little voice in my head... here's what I want it to say in those "I can't go any further" moments... "Push further, go faster, do one more! You are an athlete - suck it up & get it done!"
    Naughty little voice hasn't been saying that lately... but I plan on beating it into submission! Especially for our 8 mile run tomorrow :) Woot woot - lets go Cari - let's get 'er done :)...

  3. WoW Lori, great job getting out there and making it mind over matter. I started feeling like this about running after starting at LTCF. Nothing beats the good challenge of CF. However, I just did my first race on Sat and 8 miles Mon in hopes to train for the Wenatchee Half. If we pass each other on foot, I'll inspire you every step of the way!